How To: Make French mushroom soup

Make French mushroom soup

Clare Jones from Mushrooms Canada teaches you how to make French Mushroom soup, that is sure to become a favorite in your household! In a soup pot, melt 1/4 cup butter. Add 1 lb of sliced, fresh mushrooms; you can use any combination of mushrooms that you wish. Let the mushrooms sauté for about 5 minutes, let some of the water from the mushrooms evaporate. Add 1/3 cup flour to the mushrooms, stir, and cook for about a minute. Add 6 cups of chicken broth and bring to a boil, stirring the mixture continuously. Season with 1/2 teaspoon thyme, 1 bay leaf, 1/4 cup chopped green onions. Decrease heat, cover and let simmer for 15 minutes. Remove bay leaf. In a bowl, whisk together 2 egg yolks and 1/2 cup whipping cream. Slowly add 1 cup of the soup to the bowl. Adding too quickly will cause the egg to cook and clumps in your soup. Combine mixture in bowl back into your soup. Heat the soup until it is hot. Season with white pepper to taste. An optional step is to add sherry to your soup. By following these easy steps, you can make a soup that is sure to please everyone, especially on those cold winter nights!

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