How To: Make Homemade Mushroom Soup

Make Homemade Mushroom Soup

In this cooking video series, our expert chef will show you how to make a delicious homemade mushroom soup recipe. You will get easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to pick the best mushrooms for your mushroom soup, how to brown the mushrooms and how to cook your soup. You'll get tips for finishing touches to make your mushroom soup extra delicious, and learn how to serve your soup. This is a great cold weather soup for autumn or winter dinners that the whole family will love.

Step 1: Choose Your Mushrooms

Step 2: Brown the Mushrooms

Step 3: Add Seasoning

Step 4: Add the Other Ingredients

Step 5: Add More Mushrooms

Step 6: Add Cream

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Step 8: Serving the Soup

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