How To: Make a traditional Japanese miso soup

Make a traditional Japanese miso soup

In this tutorial, we learn how to make homemade miso soup. You will need : miso, firm tofu, green onions, diced ginger, dashi, water, chopsticks, pot, ladle, cutting board and knife. First, you will prepare your tofu by slicing half a package of tofu into bite sized pieces. Next, you will prepare the broth by filling your pot with water and setting it to a boil. After this, you will add in the Dashi. Next, you will place the tofu into the boiling soup and then add miso with your chopsticks. Once you add the miso turn the temperature down and make sure the miso fully dissolves into the broth. Now, add in your chopped green onions and ginger then stir. Now you've got delicious homemade miso soup!

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