How To: Make roasted butternut squash soup

Make roasted butternut squash soup

This video gives you an idea to make roasted butternut squash soup. The lady in this video takes you through the method of preparing this healthy and delicious food. she asks you to take a butternut squash melon and peel the skin off, then cut off the two ends. She instructs to cut the part of the melon which contains the seeds and then you should cut that part into two halves and remove the seeds off using a spoon. The chop the whole fruit into small cubes. Then she asks you to cut three big onions into quarters and put them in the tray along with the melon, then add little olive oil, salt, pepper and mix them all up. Next step is to put them in an oven per-heated at 425 and leave it for 30-45 minutes until its really tender, for her it took about 35 minutes. After taking it out of the oven, put them in the blender, add little chicken broth and squash it well, then pour it in the vessel and lit the stove. While cooking, you may add the chicken broth depending on how much thick you want the soup to be. She asks us to be little careful while standing as the soup may pop out a little on you while getting heated. She then asks you to add some salt, pepper and then little bit of cream to make the soup nice and rich. The soup is ready then, she also says that you can chop some onion and put them while serving the soup in a plate.

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