How To: Make tonjiru or butajiro—pork and vegetable miso soup

Make tonjiru or butajiro—pork and vegetable miso soup

Niho Ryori demonstrates how to make tonjiru or butajiro, pork and vegetable miso soup. First, cut carrots into quartered slices. Do the same with a giant white radish. Repeat the technique with a potato and add them to water. Scrub a root under running water and peel off the skin. Shave off slices of the root and put them in water to prevent discoloration. Dice small squares of par boiled gelatin. Cut a spring onion into diagonal slices. Heat a low-flavored oil in a pan and add all the vegetables except for the spring onion. Also add the gelatin. Add pork to the vegetables and cook it until it just turns white. Then, add Japanese cooking stock made out of fish and seaweed. Add three or four cups of water and bring it to a boil. Then, reduce the soup to a simmer until the vegetables are soft. Mix two tablespoons of miso paste into a few tablespoons of the soup. Then, add the miso mixture to the soup. Add sake to taste. Finally, add the spring onion to the soup and turn off the heat. Your soup is now ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

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