How To: Make soup from leftovers to save money

Make soup from leftovers to save money

Turn mealtime odds and ends into a hearty—and tasty—soup. This is a cost efficient way to prepare a yummy meal.

You will need:

a stock pot or large saucepot
stock, broth or tomato juice
ice cubes or lettuce leaves

olive oil
meat bones
chicken carcass
fresh herbs
thickening agents

Tip: To thicken the soup, add cream, pureed beans, or cauliflower, finely grated potatoes or instant mashed potato flakes, or brown rice.

Interesting fact: A study of soup eaters found that vegetable soup lovers tend to be homebodies, chicken noodle soup fans are more likely to be churchgoers; minestrone eaters tend to be physically fit; and tomato-soup sippers are often the adventurous type.

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